I have a road trip coming up soon. One of my favorite things to do is visit Al-Anon meetings in the places I go. It’s pretty easy when it’s a business trip because my evenings tend to be free, and most places of population have a few meetings in the evenings.

When I’m visiting family it’s a little harder but still sometimes doable. If a family member has a commitment they need to attend, all too frequently there’s an Al-Anon meeting at that precise time that I can attend as well. That happens to be the case for one leg of this trip.
Sometimes places have very early meetings. Since I rise a bit earlier than many of my family members, I can pop off to one of these without missing any time with them. That happens to be the case on another leg of this upcoming trip as well.
Somehow my HP makes it possible for me to attend at least 1 meeting roughly every 3 days. I like that a lot.
I’m also finding some meetings in rather remote places. I like that a lot too.

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