Sometimes I hear people lament that they have prayed for God to take away their pain, but God doesn’t do it.

Why would God take away pain?

I can’t speak about your Higher Power, so all of this is about God as I understand God. I don’t think God is in the analgesic business.

The Creator created pain too, and very intentionally. The Creator knew that beings would sometimes be sick or injured. How to let them know they need to do things to take care of themselves and each other? How about a mechanism to create discomfort until the situation is handled?

That’s what pain is.

Sure there will be times that pain occurs and there’s nothing we can do to heal or fix whatever is wrong. The Creator gave us substances, intelligence to process them, and intelligence to create more for this eventuality. No, they don’t always work. Nothing always works.

In the end, the final relief is that all things are temporary, even life itself.

If you find yourself in pain, have you done all the things to seek healing? Are you sure? Did people suggest things that you refuse to try? Could you possibly be in denial that you need healing?

My experience with chronic pain sufferers who have indeed done all the things is that they are more at peace with their pain than they were before the did all the things. And maybe that’s a bit of healing, too.

So, do what is necessary to heal. And maybe that is, after all, how God takes away the pain.