So much is going on right now.

I have a parent in the hospital who is getting better, but super confused. Combine that with the family disease of alcoholism and it’s hard to tell how to be of assistance without getting sucked into a relapse.

I have a certification exam coming up. The last couple have been traumatic, with the need for re-takes. I’ve always been great at both school and test taking, so these have been completely demoralizing. This one is supposed to be an easy one, but I dunno.

At work I have applied for three other roles in a higher pay band. I’ve been stagnating in my current role and my skills are super rusty. There hasn’t been a response in the last couple of weeks, but also it’s layoff season and there are hiring freezes, so that may take some time. Once I have gotten that exam off my plate, I need to do some refresher training on my previous skills so I can say least sounds like I know some stuff.

All the time I spend at the hospital has been time away from home, and there’s a lot of home maintenance duty stacking up. I just now got one task done and feel good about it. But there’s so much more.

I met one of my financial goals and now it’s time to completely change how I do finances so I can meet my next goal. So many fiddly wee details!

I have a big trip planned for end of next month. It was an event that I had to cancel due to COVID in 2020. Gonna be pissed off if hospital stuff or job stuff blocks me this year. Everything is paid up and non refundable.

I still feel disconnected from HP. You would think after everything we’ve been through together, I wouldn’t have trouble remembering HP is there for me and with me. Oh you would be wrong!