I can feel myself getting stressed out and worried and anxious and tense. Stress related ailments are bothering me more.

I know this is a clear signal I am not working my program. It’s not news – with my current work schedule, nearly all local meetings are unattainable. Still, there are phone meetings and online meetings which I fail to remember, or remember too late.
Still bogged down on Step 5. Have lost my Paths to Recovery, my primary study guide for the Steps. But that doesn’t mean I can’t study them. I may have to wait for payday to get another copy, but I do have other books. There is no reason I can’t use them.
In a little while I am going to take a lunch break and do a phone meeting.
This triangle is drawn according to the passage in Hope for Today p. 255 and does a really good job of illustrating why I am out of sorts. My own priorities have been topsy-turvy. To my credit, I have been remembering to take care of myself (go to the bathroom, eat, get things to drink), but I’ve been keeping my Al-Anon tools and my Higher Power at the bottom. That’s not balanced.
I pray to be more mindful of these things to bring my life back into balance and regain the serenity I have found in the program.