Finally making some progress on the 8th Step. Without realizing it, I had once again let my fears of screwing things up stop me cold in my tracks. Once I gave myself permission to just do it, however it gets done, it started getting done. And it’s going a lot faster than it was last time I picked it up.

Meanwhile, also studying the Traditions as they apply to personal relationships. I found a copy of the study I took that includes searching questions at the end of each Tradition, so, being the perpetual student that I am, I am writing these out and giving written answers. That helps me a lot.

Big changes are afoot. While I’m surprised, I’m not scared. Never have I felt so strongly that my Higher Power has put me exactly where I need to be, and that I can do exactly what I need to do. That is an awesome feeling!

I lamented recently that I’ve never had a healthy romantic relationship. I said, “I just don’t have a good recipe for relationships, one that works.”

I was answered with, “Of course you do. You’ve got the Traditions.”

Holy moly! I had even done a workshop about applying the Traditions in our personal relationships, although I think at the time I took it as a lesson in working these spiritual principles into relationships that exist already. There’s no reason they can’t be used in blossoming relationships as well.

So lately although I’m plodding right along in my 8th Step work, I’m also studying again some material from the workshop. It’s not conference approved, so I’m not posting a link, but if you feel interested in searching for experience, strength, and hope on using the Traditions in personal relationships, use that exact phrase in your search and you will find some of the same material.